emotional portrait (DSLR)

One thing that makes a great photo is its ability to convey emotion and pull the viewer into the scene. It is one of the most powerful yet difficult elements to master in photography to capture emotion and feeling. Capturing emotion via photography can be incredibly tricky. There is so much you can demonstrate when you are capturing an image of a person’s face.

The photo should be your expression of what you see and feel through the viewfinder. Some of the best opportunities to capture genuine emotion are when the subject isn’t aware of the shooting because, well, they are acting genuinely. 

Ensure you’re capturing those emotional moments perfectly,  as quick as they are to come and go.

Tick tock! Tick tock! What is ticking away is not the clock! What is ticking away is your opportunity to unleash the inner artist within yourself. Hurry up! Seize the moment! Because some opportunities never come twice.

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