How It Works

ENDORA’21 consists of 2 phases.

In the 1st phase,

This stage consists of 15 photography challenges  ( 10 DSLR + 5 mobile ). Challenges are given as keywords. A keyword could be a style of photography, a category of photography, a rule of photography, or a simple object you can find in your homes. Each keyword/ challenge will be revealed one by one every 2 days. Contestants simply have to capture the keyword of the specific challenge they enter into a photograph during the 48 hours and submit them to ENDORA’21. The photographs must be taken by the disclosed category of each challenge (DSLR or Mobile). It is not compulsory to join every challenge. (Though you might miss a great chance of winning ‘The Best Author Award’.)

5 top photographs will be selected from all the 15 challenges, solely according to the marking scheme by the panel of judges. The photographers of the final 75 top photographs will then enter phase 2: the final stage. 


Note: It is possible for the same contestant’s name to be among the top 5 photographs in several challenges.

In the 2nd phase, 

All the 75 top photographers selected from the previous phase are given the final challenge of  ENDORA’21 in this stage. The final winners and the runner-ups of ENDORA’21 will be selected in this round.